rrnDB Estimate

Estimate is an on-line interface to the RDP Classifier tool, including adjustment of relative abundance of taxons based on 16S gene copy number data from rrnDB. Estimate produces three output files; one for the sequence classifications and two hierarchy files containing the unadjusted and copy-number-adjusted relative abundance of taxons. The filename of the adjusted copy number data will be prefixed cnadjusted_.

The pan-taxa copy number statistics upon which this service is based are available in tab-delimited format on the rrnDB Download page.

Estimate runs RDP Classifier version 2.13 using 16S training set № 18 incorporating current rrnDB copy number data. The necessary training files were re-created following the documented use of RDP Classifier's train command, replacing the copy number file from the original training set with one derived from the most recent downloadable pan-taxa statistics.

This resource is limited by computational power. To process large sample files you may want to consider RDP's online classifier or run RDP Classifier on your own computer after downloading the RDP Classifier software.

Estimate can accept FASTA files to a limit of 50,000 sequences for now. We are monitoring job requirements to determine if and which server resources may need expanding.

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