Genome of E. coli with ribosomal RNA and tRNA genes highlighted--courtesy

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A searchable database documenting variation in ribosomal RNA operons (rrn) in Bacteria and Archaea. Find information such as the 16S gene copy number of an organism by looking up its name under the NCBI or RDP taxonomy or by full-text search of rrnDB's records.

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This article is freely available as abstract and full text [HTML] [PDF].

Data and code from Nature Microbiology “Exploiting rRNA operon copy number to investigate bacterial reproductive strategies” is available here: [download link]

Curated by the Schmidt Laboratory at the University of Michigan.

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The current rrnDB version (5.8) includes 27,655 Bacterial records representing 7,203 species, and 448 Archaeal records representing 348 species.